Sewing room inspiration piece

Just a quick post today, to show off the little corner I created for inspiration in our new office/sewing room. I did all of the “heavy work” myself, being handy with a drill, screwdriver and a spirit level, and in heaven with all Ikea Hack ideas!

The two shelves are Bekvam Spice racks from Ikea – I had seen them repurposed as book shelves, particularly for kids books or cookbooks – HERE at Domestic Simplicity, and HERE at Nest Design Studio are some beautifully executed examples. Of course, they are just everywhere now 😉 The big question seemed to be, to paint, or not to paint. So I painted half, and thought how nice that looked, and left it be.

The hanging rail is also from Ikea (Bygel), as are the little curtain clips (Dignetet) that required just a little bit of massage to open to fit the rail, but work very nicely afterwards, as long as you don’t want to change things daily, as the clips are a little fiddly.

As far as the artwork goes, the 2 “she-art” paintings on the lower left are my own, the black round folkart board was painted by my mother, and the small green thing you can see up the top is a Cross-stitch sign which used to hang by our front door.

The bright coloured alphabet piece folded up hanging from the clips is by Draw! Pilgrim, a very talented Melbourne digital artist, and an ex-adelaide girl, so she’s alright in my book. It was a beautiful free piece of art that came in a Frankie magazine last year, that I have yet to decide on a home for.

So there you go. An afternoon, and not too much money later and I have an inspiring place to display art and inspiration that makes me smile everytime I see it. And that IS money and time well spent.

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