Drying out… This week in the Vegetable Garden

Today started nice and trying to be sunny, which didn’t last. However, it didn’t rain either, so that’s a bonus. The mud is very slowly drying up, but it’s still pretty squelchy down there. Let’s hope we don’t have too many severe downpours like that again.

Meanwhile, thank goodness for raised garden beds. The few vegies I have up already are none the worse for their good soaking.

One of 2 climbing peas that went out into the garden a week ago. I still have about 5 that aren’t “up” but haven’t rotted, so there is still hope for them.

6 out of 8 Snow Peas that I planted straight out into the garden are up… and the last 2 can’t be far behind. The ones I planted indoors did a big fat nothing. These guys are looking great!

All my baby Tatsoi seeds. These again, I direct seeded and they are doing well. The ones I planted indoors were a total write-off again. I think that nature is trying to tell me something!

I’m really excited with the progress so far. And with all the squelchy straw and mud, I already have a start on the makings of the next beds. Is it too early to be looking forward to summer planting?  I did reseed cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli seeds that didn’t shoot last week, and those seeds are already starting to show. I think I planted the last ones too deep. It’s all a learning experience anyway.

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2 Responses to Drying out… This week in the Vegetable Garden

  1. Jenny says:

    Nice. Glad your plants survived the downpour!

  2. df says:

    Love reading about your progress. Like you, some of my indoor attempts flounder, while the direct sowing does the trick. In other cases I’m my own worst enemy as I plant some things too soon inside and then they get leggy (tomatoes, yes, tomatoes). Your baby seedlings look wonderful.

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