Carnage and devastation

Were the scenes that reached my eyes after my morning out today. 3 dastardly chickens had broken into my baby vegie patch, and had a couple of hours of fun, totally destroying it. The only things that will survive their attentions are the Broad Beans (well nibbled, but apparently not so tasty), some tiny Lettuce seedlings that they missed, and maybe one or two of the lesser eaten snow peas. The rest has been scratched up, ripped out and totally destroyed.

EVERYTHING that was growing in these 2 beds, I had raised and nurtured myself from seed. It represented 3 months of work and care, and I am so angry about losing it all. Obviously, the garden plan will need to be rethought. I’m not going to bother replanting anything until we have the bed situation sorted out as I’m not interested in throwing away any more time or energy. Simple living is neither simple, nor easy. Sorry to be totally down, but that’s the way it is today. And we are expecting yet another severe storm this evening, and I’m not going to be getting a whole lot of sleep. I’m going to go drown my sorrows in a hot cup of tea and lots and lots of chocolate, and I’ll be back when I have something pleasant to post!


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3 Responses to Carnage and devastation

  1. My sympathies – I know this feeling well. It looks like your beds are fenced, so I’m guessing they got over or through a hole. Total cover with bird netting has worked for me – over a frame constructed from poles and pegged down at the sides with additional heavy stones in case the pegs come loose. Don’t despair – you will find a solution, it’s not too late to re-seed lettuce, peas and rocket.
    And I hope the storm is less severe than anticipated.

  2. df says:

    That’s awful news for you, and I’m totally with you on getting the bed security sorted before attempting to grow anything else – that just makes abundant good sense. Good luck with getting things as you need them.

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