Finally a quilt update

I’m so excited to have some progress to report on my Grey and Yellow quilting project. I pulled my act together a week or two ago and pieced a backing for it, using parts I had left over and a couple of cuts from the shop. I just needed a good clear space in my day (and floor!) for the next stage.

Step 1, take dog for walk and encourage her to have a nap. Phew, that will stop her from walking across the quilt!

Step 2, vacuum the entire family room, then give it a good mop to clean up all the stray dog footprints (see step 1)

Step 3, lay out the biggest flat sheet you have, tape down to the floor to stop it moving.

For the rest of the steps, I used this fabulous tutorial from SewClickCreate and I did a whole lot of nervous lip chewing in the process. It’s a messy business, hence the drop sheet to protect the floors from an unexpected gluing.

But, I have to admit, it WORKED!! Really really well, and much easier than pinning. If you can ignore the horrible smell that now fills the house. Light a scented candle and move on.

Stage 2 for the day was QUILTING!! I was ready for this – had my new walking foot, picked up a lovely grey quilting weight thread, new needle in the machine (or so I thought) and some Coldplay playing on the iPhone. Let’s rock!!

I will save you all the tedious wrestling with the quilt shots. I was prepared to have sore arms, but this was harder work that I expected – because I chose to quilt following the chevron pattern, every single zig and zag required me to needle down, foot up, rearrange the entire quilt, then foot down and start again. Of course, having broken my thread twice I realised that I had mistaken an old packet of needles for a new one, once the new needle was finally in, the stitching went a lot better. Go the beasty little Janome!! It’s 14 years old now and solid as a rock. Although NOT what I’d recommend to use for lots of this sort of quilting!

And I can’t sing the praises of the spray basting enough. With all this wrestling I had to do with the quilt, I should have had puckers and folds driving me up the wall. I was so busy fighting the top end of the machine, I had no time to pay attention to smoothing out the underneath as well. And guess what? I haven’t yet found one SINGLE tiny pucker. It’s all smooth and beautiful and I can’t wait to finish it off!

I had to give up on Friday night and finished the last few rows on Saturday. My shoulders, back and neck were aching something fierce, but it was DONE! and I am so incredibly proud of it. You can see above how the grey thread just disappears into the background, and it blends well with most of the fabrics I used. It’s a great choice. Now to get the next lot of tutorials out and learn how to bind this baby. I will be doing that by machine, as my hand stitching is wonky on a good day.

Finally, the little white mystery flower in the backyard has opened, and I was wrong yet again. Not a snowdrop – although I do have those planted somewhere else I think. A Jonquil I believe? No wonder it was in a hurry, they have been out elsewhere in the neighbourhood for a couple of weeks at least!

And that was the last bit of sunshine we enjoyed for a few days, as it has come in grey and very wet again this week. Oh well, it is still winter after all.

So, tell us what you’ve achieved lately? Something that has been nagging you for ages, something you’re so very proud of?




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7 Responses to Finally a quilt update

  1. Yay for you! Your quilt is gorgeous!!! 🙂

  2. A thought for next time – you can use your free motion foot for straight lines as well. This can save a lot of foot-lifting, as long as you stop with the needle down and turn at the corners.

    I’m glad you are pleased with the result and the wrestling was worth it 🙂

    • Cassandra says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! I don’t have a free motion foot at the moment, will have to keep it in mind for next time.

  3. Jenny says:

    It turned out nice! What kind of glue did you use for the basting?

    • Cassandra says:

      Thanks Jenny 🙂 I used a Birch Quilt Basting Spray – I believe a different brand to what’s available in the US, but the same basic job. Best $15 I’ve spent!

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