A spring surprise, and a week in pictures

Well, what a week it’s been. I’ve been keeping a little quiet – I had a nasty fall on Tuesday diving to rescue the washing before it rolled off the edge of the deck. Sadly, I didn’t even manage to save the washing, and I certainly didn’t save myself. Jarred me from top to toe.

However nature had a bigger surprise for us – on Wednesday it came in bitterly cold and hailing, with a dramatic return to winter. By Thursday morning it was actually snowing in several parts of the hills. Not unfortunately around our place, but not too far away. The hail hung around all day, making things rather miserable and damp, however today saw the clouds chasing away and fine weather is forecast for the weekend – hooray!

The weather seems especially ridiculous in light of the vigorous tomato seedlings that I am growing on the windowsill. These are almost ready for potting on I think.

So, what else have I been doing to pass the time, apart from storm watching and taking flying leaps onto hard surfaces?

Picking spinach/silverbeet and broccoli for dinner.

Finally finishing off the front of my beautiful green and blue Spring Quilt

Laying out all my scrap pieces to make a backing for my Spring Quilt

Sewing all the backing together in only 2 sessions. Really happy with how I worked out to piece it together. The bag of scraps left over fills a tiny sandwich sized zip-lock bag!

Sewing an adorable little trial peasant top/dress. Can’t wait to see it on the lucky girl!

Enjoying the spring blooms in the garden. Another of my special Irises, which had only bloomed for the first time last year just before I dug them up to move house! This burgundy and gold combination is spectacular.

So, that’s what my week has looked like. Link us up and show us your week!

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2 Responses to A spring surprise, and a week in pictures

  1. df says:

    Sorry to hear about your fall. I also had a bad fall more than a week ago now; I tripped over a large broken table umbrella on the ground outside the garage and slammed my shin on the ground. It brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh at the same time! Glad to hear your weather is evening out and that you’re enjoying so much from the garden. Beautiful iris!

    • Cassandra says:

      Oh dear, I can totally relate to the laughing/crying thing. I just imagine how ridiculous I must have looked, and am grateful no-one got to witness it! Hope you’re all better now 🙂

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