Spring thunderstorm

Wow. What a night we had in the Adelaide Hills last night. Storm after storm blew through, from about 5pm through until about 11pm. Lots of very impressive thunder, many short and hard downpours, but the lightning left a little bit to be desired. Much of the real forks happened when it was still daylight, and I just didn’t have the equipment to photograph it.  A lot of what I shot in the evening was cloud lightning, which quite literally lit up the entire sky. You have to imagine that the following photos, it was actually pitch dark (which it was). I was hoping for a blackout to take out the streetlights, but no such luck.

We still scored some awesome shots though.

Lightning over the Adelaide Hills

Lightning over the Adelaide Hills


Lightning over the Adelaide Hills


Lightning over the Adelaide Hills

I expect some amazing growth from the garden from all this storm activity…. the amount of nitrogen pumped into the air, and therefore the soil, would have been immense!


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3 Responses to Spring thunderstorm

  1. df says:

    That must have been so exciting. What wonderful shots!

    • Cassandra says:

      Thankyou. I had my 12 yo son out with me for some of them, it was a great experience to witness the absolute power in those clouds!

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