A little more organising in my sewing space

I have been so behind in my sewing space. Too busy sewing to do a little job which will, in all honesty, make the sewing easier. This weekend DH helped me to hang up this little Bygel rail. It’s from Ikea (of course), and is originally meant for a kitchen and such. I think it’s just perfect up here under my shelves of buttons and thread. 2 pots for packets of needles, rotary cutter, and all those scrap fabric pieces that are so useful to test a stitch etc before you start sewing, and a couple of hooks for scissors and tape – those things that you always lose first!

Bygel rail for sewing space organisation

Total time spent, about 10 minutes! The total for the rail, pots and hooks was $9.80, but the value is huge!! It should make it easier to use this space!

Here is my inspiration corner – immediately to the right of these shelves. Still a work in progress as projects go up and down from here. I spy some embroidery, a vintage book, a poster from Frankie magazine by the awesomely talented Draw! Pilgrim, and all sorts of other treasures! Previously blogged here

Ikea hacked spice racks and rail for inspiration corner

And for a bonus, here is one of the shelves I enjoy looking at in our kitchen/family room.

The three gorgeous owl prints are all by Stephanie Fizer Coleman, who has the Etsy shop, The Fox and the Teacup full of beautiful whimsical art. The turtle puzzle was cut by my Dad and painted by my Mother, and the A and C initials are from Typo.

Just a little smile for my day up there. Hope it brings a smile to your day too. What a pretty way to start the week!

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5 Responses to A little more organising in my sewing space

  1. Diann O'Flaherty says:

    What a lovely sewing room you have. Mine needs a good tidy up!

    • Cassandra says:

      Don’t worry Diann, my mess is all still there, just out of the view of the camera ;). I have a whole cupboard of inherited fabric, notions and who knows what else that I still need to go through!

  2. Great space! love how you used the spice racks.

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