Spring quilt in Blues and Greens is finished!!

I was so happy to get this quilt finished! I steamed ahead through all the patchwork and piecing, then it just sat. And SAT. It got hideously crumpled in the process, but we were going through a tight few weeks and I couldn’t afford to get my beautiful bamboo wadding just then, so in a fit of temper, I crunched it up some more and waited some more.

BAD idea!! before I could baste and quilt it, there was a couple hours work pressing it all out neatly again. But baste, quilt and bind it I did, and it’s been the perfect weight for us during these changeable – 35 to 18 in 2 days weather we’ve been having.


I used a lot of Denyse Schmidt fabrics here, her line in spotlight just seemed to be made for my design, and threw in some of my precious charm pack Moda Vera Flora. They are my favourite squares 😉 and I used them sparingly.


So happy with how the whole disappearing 9-patch pattern I devised turned out, although the mismatch in dominant greens – from pine to khaki, looks a little unusual. We will just call it quirky, however if I was going to do it again, I think dumping the khaki would be best.

For the actual quilting, I stitched a grid through the middle of the narrow strips, which meant that one direction has 2 lines of stitching close together, crossed by a single line in the other direction. Although I spray basted again, I think I under sprayed as I was struggling with little puckers where the lines of stitching crossed over. However I’m still really happy with how the overall design I created came together!


The back is made ENTIRELY of leftover pieces, including a couple of fat quarters that inspired the quilt, but never made the cut into the final layout! Of all the fabric I bought for this quilt, the scraps fill a sandwich bag. I’m pretty proud of that, and DH really loves the scrappy back.


Thanks to my 2 quilt holder helpers, who didn’t mind as long as they weren’t IN the photo!


I’m really happy with how the spotty binding turned out once again. The simple graphic look of it just gives quilts a bit of a fresh, modern twist I think.

To see work in progress of this quilt for how it was put together, blog posts are listed HERE

So, dear readers, what have you achieved lately that has made you especially proud, or relieved to finally have it done, or just plain happy!

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3 Responses to Spring quilt in Blues and Greens is finished!!

  1. knitnkwilt says:

    Nice finish! I chuckled at your sparing use of your favorite charm pack. I think we all have fabric that we keep saving for something more special that whatever we are currently working on! I recently finished a baby quilt and just got out a quilt that has been waiting in the wings for a year since my last action on it.

  2. Wow Cassandra you are so clever, your quilt is stunning!! 🙂

  3. df says:

    You must be so very pleased with the result; the quilt is absolutely stunning. I’m laboriously hand sewing curtains for my younger son’s room right now; I know I will be pleased when I’m done, and they won’t be anything like this.

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