From where I sit – Desk inspiration

Call it late spring cleaning, or a school holiday clean up. We changed up the computers at home and I have been sharing my iMac with DS1 for the last few weeks. Because of having someone else sitting at my desk, it’s made me look at it with fresh eyes. It was rather, cluttered. To put it politely. Not to mention terribly dusty and disorganised. So this afternoon, I was inspired to have a lovely tidy-up. I cracked open my treasured washi tape, and started putting up some inspiration around me, and have dealt with, filed or otherwise rehomed all the junk and paperwork that was cluttering up my desk.

It’s so fresh and bright, I had to take some photos to share with you! But I’ve never shown you this side of the room before, so here it is when we were moving in. Walls are Dulux Timeless… a gorgeous mid grey. This room has only a south-facing window, so there is no direct light ever coming in. We also altered the plan to have 2 ceiling lights – one over DH’s desk, and one over mine. Much better on the eyes!

Dulux Timeless Grey

Dulux Timeless Grey

Dulux Timeless Grey

Dulux Timeless Grey

Dulux Timeless Grey, Ikea kitchen overhead Faktum cupboards with Stat glass doors

Dulux Timeless Grey, Ikea kitchen overhead Faktum cupboards with Stat glass doors

We installed 3 of these Ikea Kitchen cupboards to run over our desks. The positioning is a little odd, but was determined by the location of studs and pipes in the wall. They are fabulous for storing simple stationery, software boxes, cables and blank DVDs – all those things that accumulate with no easy home for them.


Here is my desk.  Nearest the window, because directly behind me is my sewing machine table, so I only need the one chair for both areas. Very handy! I have dual screens for when I’m editing photos or working in Photoshop, but otherwise I keep the second monitor turned off.



So here is one side of my inspiration. Odd photos I’ve had floating around for ages, ones that I printed out but never found a permanent home for, and ones that are my favourites of my family. My show ribbons – I won them at the Murray Bridge show, so nothing particularly prestigious, but I’m still proud of them. 2 for Champion Enlargement, and One for Champion Print of the show. You can see my 2 trophies hanging out on top of the overhead cupboard.

Edited-0288Hanging underneath that gorgeous canvas of my boys is my 2013 Typo calendar. I wish I knew who the artist was, but there’s no signature on the work. Also some love notes from my family, a gorgeous card from a dear friend, some more owl prints (I’m a big fan) and a beautiful Monet card from the NGA. I love Monet and it was totally mind-blowing to see this enormous painting (nearly 2m x 2m) in person.

Pixar pastel postcards, colour scheme inspiration

Pixar pastel postcards, colour scheme inspiration

Tucked directly over my desk I have a hanging heart on a ribbon made by my DS a few years ago as a gift for me. I have a printout of our mortgage plan – for inspiration to save and NOT spend it all on-line shopping! and Finally I have a couple of Pixar postcards from their exhibition in Melbourne a few years ago, and a colour card of inspiration from when we were building and decorating this house. These colours still resonate with me.

I should have done this ages ago, but I’m glad I’ve done it now. It’s a fresh start, and will make me happy every time I walk into this room. As opposed to when it was cluttered and it only made me sad.

So, have you given something a bit of a freshen up lately? Do share what’s making you happy instead of sad 🙂


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