Making a new Art journal

So, I’ve been totally inspired to get back into my Mixed Media and finish off my Junelle Jacobsen workshop since I tidied my desk up. Part of that tidy up was finding a new use for this 5 year old diary that I had been humming and hawing over for, well, 4 years! I hardly used it back in 2007 – it was too big to carry around with me, and I’m more a calendar sort of person anyway. But it was soo beautiful.

Art Journal Diary Cover

Art Journal Diary Cover

Look at that lovely green cloth cover.


Bonus – it’s spiral bound so pages will lie flat.


Every month is started off with a gorgeous flower photo on a card divider, and every second page has a wonderful quote on it.

So, I decided I had to make an Art Journal out of it. I cut out excess pages, and ones that I didn’t like the quote on. Art quotes – yes please! Fashion, not so much. Then all I had to do was mod podge every 2 pages together, and then gesso on both sides. Useful tedious work for all the mind-numbing hot days we have had lately.


I’m not quite finished, but there’s plenty of pages for me to get started on now!

Edited-0361I think Pablo Picasso put it beautifully — “Painting is just another way of keeping a Diary”

Well, as a Diary keeper I didn’t do too well…. but hopefully it’s rebirth as an art journal is at least a way of making up to it!


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One Response to Making a new Art journal

  1. grannysmiff says:

    Your Art Journal looks very good but I’m wondering how you stop the glued pages from crinkling up? Your glued pages look very flat indeed. Good job :o)

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