Etsy front page feature!

I was so excited today to discover one of my favourite photographic prints on the front page treasury on Etsy! I only found it just before the page changed, but I did manage to get a shot of it.

Etsy front page - Treasury by  thesweetbeekeeper

Etsy front page – Treasury by thesweetbeekeeper

This is a lovely green treasury 🙂 I am especially digging the cushion in the bottom left, and the bunting in the second row!

I am hoping to have some new prints and some larger sizes listed in my shop soon – when school goes back I will have a bit more head-space! I will be sure to post back here when it’s updated!

Have a marvellous weekend everyone! It’s a long weekend here and our last bit of freedom before High School goes back on Tuesday. All the uniforms are labelled and the books are organised, so we are going to kick back and relax for what is left of the holidays!

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2 Responses to Etsy front page feature!

  1. Carol says:

    Woo hoooo Cassie, that’s terrific!

  2. grannysmiff says:

    Onya Cassandra well done! That’s really something :o)

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