My week in pictures

It’s been a bit of a busy week around here this week. DS2 is headfirst into mounds of homework, no warm-up at all. So I have been picking up his chores. We have already had our first parent-teacher meeting, with another one next week. Their first school ensemble performance is next Saturday, and it’s all just go-go-go from here! So here’s my week in pictures…

New crochet project

My first new crochet project in a long time – using up some old acrylic yarn I had bought for DS2 to craft with. This awesome pattern definitely will get a post of its own, soon.

First Zucchini

I harvested our very first zucchini!! I know that we will be sick of them by the end of the season, but I’m still excited. I throw zucchini in lots and lots of meals. It was a little undersized, but I needed it urgently for dinner.

Stunning sunset

A stunning sunset outside our front windows. Amazing depth in those blues and the hit of pink and orange.

Butternut Pumpkin

I spy our first Butternut pumpkin hiding among the leaves. It’s about as round as a loaf of bread, but obviously still has a lot of growing to do! There are lots more littler ones coming along as well. I love pumpkin!

Coffee and a biscuit


Part of back to school means even more baking! Enough biscuits for recess and morning tea for the whole family for a week. The best part of the last week or two has been some gorgeous girlfriends visiting for morning or afternoon tea. These biscuits have been a huge hit, they are a tried and true recipe of my mothers and everyone’s favourite! Will have to post the recipe for you all soon to try!

So, there’s my week. Link us up and show us yours?

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  1. some of my favorite things! thanks for sharing 🙂

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