Wonky Log Cabin blocks in progress

My Grey and Purple Wonky Log Cabin blocks (started HERE) have been moving on nicely. I have been trying to pace myself and stitch only one or two a day as I find time. I have a little work setup with all my strips laid out in groups, a cutting board right next to my sewing machine and the ironing board just to my left. Add in a lovely comfy rolling office chair (with no arms of course!) and I’m stitching and pressing and trimming away happily for hours!

Edited-0509 I had to buy a 12.5″ square ruler for squaring up the blocks after the final border had been added. I decided to try the Cutting Edge ruler, which has one edge embedded with diamond grit to help keep cutter blades sharp. I have to admit I’m hard on my blades, I push much harder than I should, and I’m too cheap to change them as often as I should. This ruler looks like it will at least prolong the life of these poor blades of mine! I’m planning on getting different sizes of them each time I start a new project, so eventually I’ll have a full set!

Edited-0503 Edited-0504My first 9 blocks awaiting trimming! I had to make some guesses how this would turn out when adding the borders, I erred on the side of a bit too much fabric than too little.

Edited-0505The Cutting Edge ruler in action. I love all the extra markings it had, which would be really useful for squaring up all sorts of blocks.

Edited-05069 perfectly square blocks ready to go!

Edited-0507 Edited-0508I just laid them out across the table to get an idea of how it was all working. 9 blocks isn’t enough, but it’s a decent amount at 12.5″ square. I did make a mistake in squaring up, and a couple of the border strips have barely 1/4″ left at the far edge. Because they will be sewn next too a deeper border on a different block, it will just be a bit fiddly to sew. I will try to keep an eye on this for the future trimming. Meanwhile I have to be very gentle with all these blocks until they are sewn up – every edge is a bias edge, and they are all stretching and fraying like mad. Not something that I had expected when picking this pattern, but I’ll just have to work through it.

Just for fun, because I’m not really that fussed about the result, I checked the blocks overall for value – lights, mediums and darks.

Value test log cabin


Looks pretty balanced. The borders all read pretty light which was what I intended, and the darks where about where I expected them to be also. So on with the next blocks!





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3 Responses to Wonky Log Cabin blocks in progress

  1. evie says:

    good luck with the fiddly final stages and fraying edges. i love the wonky blocks : )

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