Ripple crochet blanket finished!

I was so happy this afternoon to darn in the last few ends and call this Ripple Blanket finished. As my first full effort in crochet for a long time, it was a great start, and I would recommend the project to anyone who is a knitter that wants to try it out! My original post with link to the pattern and tutorial is HERE.

Edited-0549 Edited-0547 Edited-0546

DS2 is very happy that he will be snuggling with his new blanket tonight.

I was also very excited to get a rather large package in the mail yesterday.

Edited-0551 Edited-0550

The entire 18 volume set of Golden Hands books from the 1970’s. I already had volumes 1-3 passed down from my mother and I was keen to complete the set. It was fantastic to find the complete collection on eBay  in such excellent collection, and within my budget. It’s a complete library of sewing and needlework knowledge, including crochet, embroidery of all kinds, pattern drafting and clothes making, knitting stitch library and more.

Edited-0553 Edited-0552


Although I have to admit, some of the fashions and descriptions had DH and I in complete and utter hysterics last night, and he has totally forbidden me from crocheting him a vest. Although some of the fashions may be a little out-there, the actual basics behind them hasn’t changed, so as a permanent reference, it should prove very valuable.

As you may have guessed from the photographs, our very first outdoor setting has finally arrived! We christened it last night, however the flies were prolific and we had to retreat back inside as soon as we had finished eating. However, I can see it being used lots before the weather turns really cold and wet so we can enjoy all the hard work we have put into our backyard!

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3 Responses to Ripple crochet blanket finished!

  1. grannysmiff says:

    OMG I remember the Golden Hands books well being an old flower child myself 🙂

  2. Carol says:

    OMG, we had the Golden Hands books too when we were growing up. I wonder whatever happened to them. I’m going to take a bet they are still in the bottom of mum’s bookcase. I must check next time I go down there.

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