Some more Gelli Printing fun

This Gelli printing is totally addictive! I’ve been so keen to give it another try, one day last week I just decided that whatever needed to be done that day, could wait, and out came the paints. I use our family dining table for my painting, so I need a decent amount of time to set up and work, otherwise I spend more time cleaning up than playing. My dream is to have my own little “art studio” space, however until one of the kids leaves home, that’s not likely to happen 😉 I did however score some awesome new stencils cheap, so I was all set for some serious paint fun!

Gelli Prints on inside of envelopes

Gelli Prints on inside of envelopes

Here’s the best of a stack of envelopes again. It’s a bit flimsy paper, but I love the freedom of the patterns and shapes….. I’ve got quite a collection of these papers now, and I’ve been dreaming up some ways to use them up – stay tuned for those!

Edited-0684 Edited-0683

So, after making a couple more sets of prints on the watercolour paper again, I was finished with my Gelli Plate, but didn’t want to stop painting and creating… so I decided to try some owls out on these new backgrounds.

Painted owl on Gelli Plate background

Painted owl on Gelli Plate background

Painted owl on Gelli Plate background

Painted owl on Gelli Plate background

Again, they are wild and crazy and colourful, and not really like Juliette Crane’s work at all, but that’s ok because they are uniquely mine! They still need a bit more work and embellishing, but it was a very productive, and therapeutic, afternoon of painting.

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2 Responses to Some more Gelli Printing fun

  1. Jay says:

    Love your cute, quirky little owls! Gelli printing isn’t such a bad thing to be addicted to 😉

  2. Gina Rath says:

    Very interesting and fun owls you’ve made, they really complement the colorful backgrounds! I completely understand, I too am addicted to Gelli printing. I always end up with five to ten prints each time (usually closer to ten) that I am amazed with. This has truly reignited my creativity!

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