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How to build a hanging garden

Some time a month or two ago, I looked at the calendar and realised that hot weather would be here soon. So I needed to do something about getting some shade on the chicken coop as soon as possible. It … Continue reading

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Save money by spending time

Sometimes, the budget is squeezed as tight as it can go, and yet I still feel that I should be contributing more to the family. Lately I’ve been pondering that thought, and came up with the idea of saving money … Continue reading

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Tuesday randomness

I was so happy today that the rain stopped. Finally. Thick fog for the morning, but puffy white clouds and a drying breeze. The mud in the backyard is at the slippery, stinky stage and I’m officially over it. This … Continue reading

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Simple frugal recipes – Yoghurt

We had some friends pop in last night for a cuppa, after their dinner, but before ours. They were fascinated by my cooking antics in the kitchen, and were completely astonished to learn that I was making my own natural … Continue reading

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Frugal by design, part 2. Power and water

So, here is my much delayed part 2 discussion on our simple living plans, and how we, by cunning plan and design, save money as well as the environment by reducing our use of power and water. It involves things … Continue reading

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