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Checking in this January

Well, January is whizzing away before us, I’m reading of everyone’s snowfalls while we swelter through record heat. South Australia has had it pretty good overall, with none of the devastating bushfires that have been burning in Tasmania or the … Continue reading

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End of December garden update.

So, apart from some major landscaping, what else has been happening in the garden? Some raging successes I’m happy to report, because along with that we’ve had some more run-in’s with nature. Grrr nature!! Of the 7 sunflower seeds I … Continue reading

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Our first month with Solar Panels

Let’s look back on the first month with our new Solar Panel system. Installed and turned on 2nd November, 2012. This 5kw system, almost true north facing, over the last month of spring. Weather-wise, it’s been a mixed bag of … Continue reading

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Late spring garden update

I am using the term late spring very loosely, as we have had several days over 30degrees already this November, and very little rain – only 7mm in total for the month so far. It’s been great for our solar … Continue reading

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Planting out the Tomatoes

So, now that we have a new garden bed built, time to plant out my patient tomato plants. I started all these from seeds – here is an instagram photo from about 5 weeks ago… After they grew a little … Continue reading

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