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March in review

So, here we are already in April… I hope you had a lovely break over the long weekend and are rested and recharged. It was exactly what the dr ordered for us and everyone seems better for the time off! … Continue reading

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March is slipping by

It’s just amazing sometimes how a whole week can go by and you wonder if you even noticed it. Here we are at the start of the new week, and I have no memory of what happened last week. There … Continue reading

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End of December garden update.

So, apart from some major landscaping, what else has been happening in the garden? Some raging successes I’m happy to report, because along with that we’ve had some more run-in’s with nature. Grrr nature!! Of the 7 sunflower seeds I … Continue reading

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What we did in the holidays!!

Hi everyone. Sorry to vanish like that for a little while. Although we don’t celebrate Christmas, we have still been super busy around here, mostly in the manual labour department! Warning – there are lots of sunny photos of our … Continue reading

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Planting out the Tomatoes

So, now that we have a new garden bed built, time to plant out my patient tomato plants. I started all these from seeds – here is an instagram photo from about 5 weeks ago… After they grew a little … Continue reading

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