A little about me :)

I’m a Mum of 2 boys, Tyson and Samuel, who are nine and nearly seven. Married to my DH *skip* for 10 years next month…. (remind me to come back and edit this!). I work casually in a photo lab and I’m also a wanna-be photographer, and have spent the last 7 months honing my photoshop skills.

I’ve been digital scrapping since July 2005, I use Photoshop Cs2 (on my MAC), and I’m a fontaholic.

I love chocolate, I drink wa-ay too much coffee and never go to bed on time. I’m always tired & always busy.


I thought of updating this and changing everything to the right dates, but hey, part of my scrapbooking is not ignoring the path I have followed.

So we’re just updating instead 🙂

The boys are now 11 and nearly 9. Wow. They are growing up so fast. And at the same time that Sammy turns 9, our marriage will turn 12. The last year has been the most dramatic by far, but it has only made our relationship stronger.

And yes, I still drink too much coffee, am addicted to chocolate and don’t get enough sleep. Just because time moves on, doesn’t mean I change! Lol….


Wow, I have been blogging for waaaaayyy too long apparently. We are currently living in our own house. It’s a new build so we are busy working on the garden from scratch, and trying to make it more sustainable.

I’m not working at the moment, and able to devote more time to my family, the boys are nearly 15 and 12 1/2, and things grow and change around here so fast that it’s a wonderful thing to be able to keep up. This also means I get to spend more time cooking, crafting and gardening.

Our family has also increased by 4, with our 4 chickens in our new backyard. At last, there are more girls in this family than boys!!

I am working towards expanding my wings photographically speaking, with plans for selling prints, including fine art/limited editions, as well as cards etc of my images. For more on that, see my photography website, http://www.cassandramadgephotography.com