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Barbara’s Nutties

My Mum, Barbara, loved to bake. She would fill tins with biscuits and cake, ready for the hordes of hungry grandchildren. She made lamingtons in some special secret way, so that no store-bought one ever measured up. My sister wouldn’t … Continue reading

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My week in pictures

It’s been a bit of a busy week around here this week. DS2 is headfirst into mounds of homework, no warm-up at all. So I have been picking up his chores. We have already had our first parent-teacher meeting, with … Continue reading

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What’s for breakfast?

Why, breakfast is easy. Porridge in a bottle! Ok. That sounds really weird and possible not that appetising, so lets explain! DH catches a very early bus in to town for work every day. He doesn’t really have time for … Continue reading

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Checking in this January

Well, January is whizzing away before us, I’m reading of everyone’s snowfalls while we swelter through record heat. South Australia has had it pretty good overall, with none of the devastating bushfires that have been burning in Tasmania or the … Continue reading

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Planting out the Tomatoes

So, now that we have a new garden bed built, time to plant out my patient tomato plants. I started all these from seeds – here is an instagram photo from about 5 weeks ago… After they grew a little … Continue reading

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